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Conversations '10 - Crystal Martin Crystal is a Chi Alpha missionary and dynamic young leader who has pioneered university ministries with her husband in restricted Central Eurasian countries. They are also the visionaries of The World Missions Summit, which has brought together thousands of students and missionaries to be challenged and mobilized to carry the gospel to the far corners of the earth. 11/10/2010 359 1
Conversations '10 - Loida Espinoza Loida is an ordained minister with God-given gifts in songwriting, singing, Bible instruction, and preaching. Her call to ministry includes pastoral and missions emphasis, and she has led teams stateside and abroad with prayer ministries, evangelism, and children/teen/adult discipleship. She presently serves in the dual-role of Assistant District Women's Ministries Director/District Girls Ministries Director for the Gulf Latin American District. 11/09/2010 485 15
Conversations '10 - Stephanie Nance Stephanie is an ordained minister with the Alaska Ministry Network and currently serves the Network for Women in Ministry. She holds a Master of Divinity and is pursuing her Doctorate of Ministry. Stephanie originates from Oklahoma and has served as an associate pastor, youth pastor, and music minister in Alaska. She loves to communicate through preaching, teaching, and music to see healing in the lives of the broken. 11/09/2010 320 2
Conversations '10 - Judy Rachels & Sheri Benvenuti Judy has been in ministry for over 45 years as a pastor's wife, minister, and the director of the Southern California Women's Ministries. Sheri has served as vice president at Life Pacific College, vice president of Student Affairs at Vanguard University of Southern California, and director of the Center for Women's Studies at Vanguard. 11/09/2010 438 5
Conversations '10 - Sandi Bradford Sandi's years in ministry have included missions, pastoral ministry, directing graded music programs, teaching ministry, and prayer ministry to moms. She currently supports, travels, and ministers with her husband, Jim, in his ministry as General Secretary of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri, where she and her husband previously pastored Central Assembly of God for five years. Sandi is known for her practical wisdom and her ability to connect with women of various generations. 11/09/2010 355 1
Conversations '10 - Vicki Farina Vicki is a speaker, life coach, and credentialed minister who lives in North Carolina. She has earned a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministries and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry degree. Vicki is passionate about partnering with individuals to help them live and lead from a faith perspective. Vicki loves to study and teach God's word and minister alongside her husband and partner in ministry, Sam. 11/09/2010 390 1