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Equipping Every Woman
We believe every woman is called to minister. Whether or not you consider yourself a leader, you can impact your struggling neighbor, coworker, or friend. Our vision is for you and every other Christian woman to be equipped to minister within your circle of influence. To find out more information on the "Equipping Every Woman" membership opportunity, please visit our website.
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Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership Ruth Haley Barton, in "Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership", uses examples from the life of Moses to illustrate how crucial it is to lead not from your intellect, but from the life of Christ in you. We are grateful that InterVarsity Press has granted us permission to base a unit on her book. 06/15/2011 416 5
Make It Plain: Motivation for Writing as Ministry Scholars say the message of the Old Testament prophets had three purposes: to show sin and call for repentance, to show the nature of God, and to give messages of hope. Writers today can use these same purposes to call people to faith in an everlasting, loving God! 05/18/2011 385 13
Ministering to a Woman in the Midst of Divorce Loving a woman through her struggle should be the most important pursuit of everyone ministering to a hurting woman. John 15:12, 13 reminds us of God’s command, “…love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” 05/05/2011 398 3
Ministering to a Woman in the Midst of Illness As believers we should be diligent in sharing the love of Christ with those who are hurting and need the reassurance of God’s love and care. We have the opportunity to extend not only compassion, but also a firm foundation of the truth: God is a healing God. Visit for the full training unit. 04/04/2011 460 9
Using Drama in Ministry The church has long used visual, musical and dramatic elements as tools for the same purposes as those demonstrated in the Word of God himself: to glorify Him, to draw attention to Him, to teach about Him, and to leave a lasting memory. 03/18/2011 476 3
Facilitating a Book Club This leadership unit gives step-by-step tips for starting and leading a book club for women. 02/25/2011 514 5
Finding Treasures/Anonymous In her book, Anonymous, Alicia Britt Chole uses Christ's responses to His desert temptation to reveal the potentials of hidden seasons in the lives of His followers. 02/25/2011 533 4
Developing Your Strengths We are specifically created with certain talents, abilities, and strengths. The way we live out our strengths allows us to fully participate in the kingdom of God and fulfill the purpose He has for our lives. This enrichment unit will help you identify, reframe, develop, and live out your personal strengths in ways that help you be an effective leader. 02/25/2011 407 4
Ministering...Abortion By educating yourself on the topic of abortion, you are changing the stereotype of the Church. You are allowing post-abortion women a safe place to unburden. In the process, post-abortion women realize they can be forgiven, can forgive themselves, and can eventually help others who are suffering in silence with the same issue. 02/25/2011 434 2
Big Events In this unit, you will receive directions for planning big events at your church by: defining the purpose, establishing a theme, leading your team, and planning for the event. 02/25/2011 473 4
Effective Planning Meeting When we think of people trying to reach a common goal we usually think of lots of discussion, sometimes dominated by a few people. However, using a team approach to developing plans is important. When truly collaborative, this approach to planning embraces the best ideas and engages others to support the plan. 02/25/2011 418 3
6 Disciplines/Effective Leader While abilities and giftedness are important, they are secondary to the continual pursuit of the six disciplines we are discussing in this unit. 02/25/2011 397 3
One-on-One Connections We have an incredible opportunity to expand and deepen our web of relational connections by simply initiating mentor relationships, accountable friendships and intentional vulnerability. The women around us may simply by waiting for us to step out and prioritize one-on-one connections. With God's help, we can create one-on-one connections with the women in our lives! 02/25/2011 513 2
Power/Words Reckless words. Few people get through this life without having been pierced by them- and some of us are ashamed to admit we have done a little piercing ourselves. Yet God commands us to be pure in thought, word, and deed. 02/25/2011 436 3
Responding to Difficult Women The information provided in this unit is excerpted from Leading Women Who Wound, written by Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews. The book is an excellent resource that offers solid strategies for effectively addressing conflict in your ministry. 02/25/2011 425 5
Hosting a Guest Speaker Once we confirm the speaker, it is easy to check the box and assume everything else will come together naturally. However, it is attention to small but meaningful details that can make the guest speaker’s visit more pleasant—and potentially more fruitful due to the stellar care she receives before, during, and after the date. 02/25/2011 420 2
Ministering...21st Century Woman Since God reveals himself through the natural medium of each person's culture, your ministry should be indigenous within today's feminine culture as a whole, and particularly within your specific situation. A one-size-fits-all mentality will not reach the varied women inside and outside of the church. Women have changed; therefore, ministry to women must change. 02/25/2011 456 3
Woman's Heart Understanding the uniqueness of women helps us to know how to minister to one another most effectively. While congregational settings are an important part of a woman’s spiritual health, nothing ministers to a woman like one-on-one encouragement from a godly woman. 02/25/2011 405 2
Life Support/Grieving Mother As we stay connected to Jesus and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we will become vessels God can use to bring healing to mothers experiencing both fresh and seasoned grief. 02/25/2011 416 1
Ministering…Generations One of today’s ministry challenges is to respond to the diverse needs of multiple generations of women in ways that are culturally relevant, while maintaining unity in the overall program of the church. 02/24/2011 393 2
Establishing/Revitalizing Why should we minister to women? How are women different from men when it comes to their ministry needs? What tips can you give me for organizing ministry to women? What is the Three-D design for ministry to women 02/24/2011 395 2
Heritage to & by Women Take a moment to observe the women in your church and consider what you see. You will notice women from all different social and family situations, backgrounds, and stages of life. But each of them shares a common need: to personally know and be known by the Master 02/24/2011 394 1
Engaging Your Audience If God has called you to bring a message to women, you don't have to change who you are to do it. You simply need to rely on the Holy Spirit and master a few important techniques. 02/24/2011 449 4
Organizing your Professional Life Faithful service in secular and spiritual roles is essential to pleasing God. It is also an essential part of being productive. If we are to fulfill our callings in Christ and complete our responsibilities outside of church (which is also part of our service to God), we need to keep track of our work and progress (Proverbs 27:23). 02/24/2011 383 3
Bible Study Part 1 & 2 No matter the circumstances or questions facing the believer, a better understanding of the eternal truth found in God’s Word can make all the difference. As you share your insights from Scripture and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, the members of your group won’t be the only ones to benefit. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn along the way, too. 02/24/2011 422 2
Ministering...Menopause Ministering in the Midst of Menopause The purpose of this unit is to gain perspective on various aspects of menopause by presenting these helpful topics: Different stages of menopause, including known hormonal fluctuations and their associated symptoms. The emotional and psychological side of menopause. 02/24/2011 412 4
Understanding Personalities God created each of us with unique DNA. Our personalities are as varied as the combinations of body shape, size, hair, and eye color. However, relationships between contrasting personalities are possible. If we take the time to educate ourselves about various personality types and characteristics, we will be on our way to understanding what makes other people behave the way they do--and we will learn to appreciate what they contribute to the kingdom of God. 02/24/2011 378 1
Organizing Small Groups Women yearn for belonging. Small groups can probide an atmosphere for the involvement and connection they crave. A small group also provides an effective place for training and biblical instruction. The body of Christ can offer something the world cannot--authentic, life-giving relationships. 02/24/2011 366 2
Stages of a Woman’s Life Women come to our churches from different socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnic groups. Our goal no matter their life stage or status, women will experience spiritual growth according to the Scripture 02/24/2011 528 3
A Leaders Relationship with God God has created each of us uniquely and He wants us to enjoy a very personal relationship with Him. There are no exact formulas or methods for seeking God, but there are some overriding principles for all of us to follow. 02/24/2011 382 2