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Oral History Interviews
Oral history interviews provided by the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.
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Mother Lizzie Robinson and women in the COGIC and AG Panel discussion about the life of Mother Lizzie Robinson and the legacy of women in the Church of God in Christ and the Assemblies of God, October 4, 2013, in Springfield, Missouri. Participants include Elijah Hill, Glenda Goodson, Darrin Rodgers, and Barbara Cavaness Parks. 10/14/2013 1535 10
Interview with Lowell Nystrom Darrin Rodgers interviews Lowell Nystrom, October 12 , 2011, in Springfield, Missouri. Nystrom is a descendant of early Scandinavian Pentecostals near Fosston, Minnesota, who practiced tongues speech and healing before the Azusa Street revival. 11/18/2011 773 13
Interview with David and Kathy Walker Darrin Rodgers interviews David and Kathy Walker, October 12, 2011, in Springfield, Missouri. “Little David” Walker was a well-known Pentecostal child evangelist in the 1940s. 11/18/2011 2907 67
Interview with Lois Hodges - Part 1 Darrin Rodgers interviews Lois Hodges at age 100 in November 2008. Hodges discusses her childhood as well as the background of her husband, Assemblies of God missiologist Melvin L. Hodges (1909-1988). Melvin and Lois Hodges were married in 1928. (Audio file only.) [part 1 of 2] 07/07/2011 1142 13
Interview with Lois Hodges - Part 2 Darrin Rodgers interviews Lois Hodges as she recounts her life and ministry with Melvin Hodges, pioneering churches in Colorado and Wyoming before leaving for the mission field in Central America in 1935 with three young children. From 1954 to 1973, Melvin Hodges served as AG field director for Latin America and the West Indies. He then became a professor of missions at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He was a prolific writer, and many of his publications deal with missions, church growth, and the indigenous church principle. (Audio file only.) [part 2 of 2] 07/07/2011 592 3
Interview with Raymond Hudson Everitt Fjordbak interviews Raymond H. Hudson, August 10, 1980, in Springfield, Missouri. Hudson (1918-2010) served as General Treasurer of the Assemblies of God (1973-1988). 03/30/2010 663 15
Interview with Joseph Flower Everitt Fjordbak interviews Joseph R. Flower, August 10, 1980, in Springfield, Missouri. Flower (1913-2010), the son of J. Roswell and Alice Reynolds Flower, served as General Secretary of the Assemblies of God (1975-1993). 03/29/2010 889 19
Interview with John McConnell, Jr., Pentecostal founder of Earth Day Darrin Rodgers interviews John and Anna McConnell, Jr., July 15, 2009, at Timberline Church, Fort Collins, Colorado. McConnell, the founder of Earth Day, is a Pentecostal Christian whose grandfather was at the Azusa Street Revival and whose parents were founding members of the Assemblies of God. 03/15/2010 2259 32
Interview with Mary Watford Stabler Darrin Rodgers interviews Pastor Mary Watford Stabler, October 28, 2009. 02/19/2010 761 10
Interview with Dr. Robert Spence Lois Olena interviews Evangel University President Robert Spence, September 3, 2009 02/19/2010 582 2
Interview with Stanley Horton - Part 2 William Menzies interviews Dr. Stanley Horton about his theological legacy, June 30, 2009. [part two of two] 02/19/2010 713 9
Interview with Stanley Horton - Part 1 Lois Olena interviews Dr. Stanley Horton about his life story, June 30, 2009. [part one of two] 02/19/2010 1718 25