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Life and Ministry
A resource to ministers offering practical advice from seasoned ministers on a number of issues.
Title Description Date Views Likes
The Minister's Family "I know that God can help us be great leaders, but also great parents and great spouses. — Dr. James T. Bradford, general secretary 12/21/2009 259 3
The Minister and the Fellowship "I have great hope for the future of our movement; a future marked by healthy, missional churches led by healthy, spirit-led leaders." — Dr. James T. Bradford, general secretary 12/21/2009 252 3
World Missions "We have opened the doors to not only all age categories but to all backgrounds. I believe with all my heart that there is a place for everyone in the Lord's work." — L. John Bueno, World Missions Executive Director 03/02/2009 241 1
U.S. Missions "We believe that it is essential that everyone has an opportunity to receive a personal invitation to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and savior." — Zollie Smith Jr., U.S. Missions Executive Director 03/02/2009 171 0
The Minister's Finances "Financial freedom doesn’t have to do with how much money you make but rather how much you spend. — Doug Clay, General Treasurer 03/02/2009 265 1
Advancing Your Ministry "Let God direct you in your ministry. And let your life be a model that others can follow. And I believe that God will use you in a strategic way to help advance the kingdom of God." — Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent 03/02/2009 214 4
Life and Calling "I encourage you to be a hard worker for the Gospel and to lay the kinds of disciplines in your life which will bear the weight of responsibility that the Lord seeks to place upon you." — George O. Wood, General Superintendent 03/02/2009 201 9