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SMD Men's Ministries
Video resources created by the Southern Missouri District
Title Description Date Views Likes
Men's Retreat 2012 promo 2012 SOMO Men's Retreat promo video #2 07/16/2012 419 0
Reach Creating environments and opportunities to reach men with the Message of hope, the Reach strategy seeks to connect men to a relationship with Christ. 02/10/2010 531 9
Teach The idea is to consistently encourage one another as ‘iron-sharpens-iron’ and always in training for the game plan God has given us through His Word. 02/10/2010 484 3
Release The Release Strategy leads and sends men for service to God, to the church and to the community. It is releasing men to live out their God-given purpose. 02/10/2010 512 2
Men's Ministries Promo Reach, Teach and Release men to grow to their full potential in Christ 02/10/2010 494 8