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Missionary Church Planters & Developers
Missionary Church Planters and Developers sending missionaries to plant and strengthen churches.
Title Description Date Views Likes
Seven Windows to America: Missionary Church Planters and Developers Learn about one of our seven windows, MCPD, and how you can get involved! 09/16/2013 764 1
From a Seed A look at the roots of AG church planting. 03/18/2013 523 4
Denise Geesey Spotlight Denise Geesey is a U. S. missionary to children and is assisting churches in developing children's workers and effective programming. 04/19/2012 742 3
Earl and Janet Creps Spotlight Earl and Janet Creps just recently planted a church in Berkeley, California. 10/25/2011 625 0
David and Sherri Godbout Spotlight David and Sherri Godbout are U.S. missionaries to inner city Saint Louis, Missouri. 10/10/2011 600 1
Randy Thompson Spotlight Randy Thompson is a U.S. missionary to children in the United States. He is the founder and director of KidzAblaze Ministries and is dedicated to helping kids across America find their place in the body of Christ. 08/23/2011 428 1
Andrew and Sheri Austin Spotlight Andrew and Sheri Austin are candidate missionaries currently itinerating to raise funds for the mission field. They will be planting a church among the Bosnian community in St. Louis, MO. Please prayerfully consider supporting Andrew and Sheri to fulfill their mission to reach Bosnians in America for Christ. 07/21/2011 665 3
Urban America Urban America is a mission field. Many people there have never heard a clear message of the gospel. See how U.S. Missionaries are reaching into these hard places to introduce people to Christ and impact communities. 07/11/2011 548 1
Wes & Judy Wick Spotlight Wes and Judy Wick are candidate missionaries that will be working with people in the second half of life. They are currently itinerating. 06/30/2011 564 2
Kaufman Spotlight Ben Kaufman is an MCPD U.S. Missionary and director of Leadership Development Ministries (LDM), a ministry that provides leadership training and coaching for pastors and missionaries in the United States. 06/13/2011 568 1
Missionary Church Planters & Developers Ministry spotlight on MCPD which is a ministry of Assemblies of God U.S. Missions. 05/26/2011 1116 8
John Heide Spotlight John and Judy Heide are U.S. missionaries serving people in the second-half of life. They assist districts and churches developing ministries that reach non-believers and engage Christians in the second-half of life. 05/09/2011 680 5
Missionary Spotlight Chris and Monica Delaurentis are the Executive Directors of Inner City Christian Ministries, serving as church planters in Minneapolis and Chicago. 04/21/2011 801 4
What is a missionary church planter? How is a missionary church planter different from other church planters? 02/28/2011 738 5
U.S. Missionaries are there for Rural America. See what resources are available to your church or district through missionaries who minister in rural communities across the United States. 02/28/2011 507 1
Missionary Spotlight Anthony and Melanie Freeman have served in the ministry for over twenty-four years. Pastor Freeman has served as a Bible College President, a senior pastor, a Bible College professor, youth pastor, worship leader, urban street evangelist and missionary evangelist in Zambia, Africa. Melanie is a home-maker/home-educator and serves as the women's pastor for All Nations Fellowship. She has served alongside her husband in the pastorate, as a missionary evangelist in Zambia, in urban ministry, in women's ministry, and children's ministry. 01/27/2011 546 5
Seven Windows to America (12/13/10) This week's Seven Windows to America podcast features MCP&D. They take a look at what the world believes about Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Life and Death. 12/13/2010 750 5
Jim Hall - Discipleship Resourcing After years of careful study of the Scriptures and countless personal witnessing and discipling exchanges, God birthed guidelines and lessens in Jim’s spirit and led him to make them available to others through The Harvester’s Handbook. Jim travels to churches using the materials to personally train members in personal evangelism and discipling of new Christians. His methods include training in friendship evangelism and discipling, publishing materials used in the training courses, and assisting urban pastors in over 40 cities in the operation of Urban Bible Training Centers. 12/09/2010 886 9
Seven Windows to America (9/20/10) This week's US Missions podcast features the ministries of Rural America. 09/20/2010 807 18
Seven Windows to America (6/8/10) This Seven Windows to America podcast with Zollie Smith features Missionary Church Planters and Developers. 06/08/2010 634 33
Jeff Sandstrom - 4/20/10 (AG Chapel Service) Assemblies of God Church Planter 04/21/2010 1448 7