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Youth Resources
Videos and resources for youth and youth leaders.
Title Description Date Views Likes
AIMing for Missions Join Rod Whitlock and missionary Jim Wellborn as they talk about taking your students on short-term mission trips. 05/31/2013 334 2
FAF Phoenix 2011 Promo Videos for the upcoming National Fine Arts Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. 03/09/2011 386 4
Experience Israel Video resources from the Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies 02/03/2011 385 15
One Month Bible Challenge Video resources from National Youth Ministries. 08/30/2010 562 21
2010 National Bible Quiz Awards Celebration Recording of the 2010 National Bible Quiz Awards Celebration Service in Troy, Michigan. 07/09/2010 601 13
2010 National Bible Quiz Finals Recording of the live championship rounds at the National Bible Quiz Competition in Troy, Michigan. 07/08/2010 830 56
Podcast: How to Focus Steve Pulis talks about how youth leaders can keep the focus of campus missions 04/05/2010 316 0
Podcast: How to Connect Steve Pulis tells youth leaders how to connect with their pastors about taking youth ministry to schools 04/05/2010 287 1
Cause "Cause" video from National Youth Ministries 04/01/2010 361 1
New Youth Ministry Resources Special presentation of the 52.COM Volume 3 during the 53rd General Council. 08/28/2009 266 2
Fire Bible Get your Fire Bible Student Edition today. 03/03/2009 324 2
Campus Missionary Be a Part of Youth Alive! 03/03/2009 298 0